Section C: Adjustments

Adjustment of results for important covariates for Health Boards 2015

In the AWPS Annual reports, we present individual unit level data and more in-depth analysis based on Welsh data. In addition, as AWPS has data going back to 1993, we are able to present trends in mortality rates and rolling rates. MBRRACE-UK has stabilised and adjusted the data. In this year’s AWPS report, as in last years’, we have adjusted the data for maternal age, deprivation quintile, multiple births, gestation and gender, and present the adjusted data below in Table 2 and Figures 20 and 21.

All missing data values were appropriately imputed: missing data values were imputed for gestation on the basis of birthweights. Maternal age and deprivation quintile were imputed by randomly selecting from the distribution of variables in the data that was present. The unadjusted rates are presented in Table A13.

Table 2


Adjusted funnel plots for 2014